On The Issues

Additional Legislation

  • Dunkin wanted Lottery money to go where promised to our schools. Source
  • Dunkin tried to ensure all people had a fundamental right to decent housing. Source
  • Dunkin started the fight to stand up to Red Light Cameras. Source
  • Dunkin took the lead in fighting bed bugs. Source
  • Dunkin was the first black legislator to fight for medical cannabis. Source
  • Dunkin lead the fight for a qualified person to run Chicago Public Schools. Source
  • This bill lead by Dunkin is why Chicago FIre, Empire, Chicago Med and other shows and movies are filmed here in Chicago. Source
  • The mailer says you are for the bad guys carrying guns, well you are also for non violent offenders not sitting up in jail taking up the space that the bad guys should be in. Source
  • Dunkin led the fight to find out how certain bills impact black people, but the machine made sure it did not become law. Source
  • Dunkin first in the fight against people dying from opioid overdose. Source
  • Dunkin wanted to keep guns from being brought into places where we eat. Source
  • Dunkin fought for those victimized by domestic violence. Source
  • Dunkin has led the fight for minority and female owned businesses to get more work from Institutions of Higher Learning. Source
  • Dunkin lead the fight to get rid of red light cameras. Source
  • Dunkin wanted the police to tell when they shoot their weapons by accident. Source
  • Dunkin was the 1st to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis. Source
  • Dunkin leads the fight to ensure our police officers are well enough to protect us. Source
  • Dunkin is in the fight to get rid of bad lawmakers. Source
  • Dunkin in the fight against mortgage fraud. Source
  • Dunkin gets medical cannabis passed. Source

Jobs & Business Development

  • Dunkin sponsored the Film Production Tax Credit Act which created over 25,000 jobs and over $3 billion in benefits to the state of Illinois, offering producers a credit of 30% of all qualified expenditures, including post-production. Making the mark for the films and shows like Empire, Shameless, Transformers, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D and Chicago Fire, The Chi. Source
  • Dunkin sponsored House Bill 141 which abolished Red Light Cameras. Source
  • Dunkin sponsored the Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit Act. An act that provides taxpayers who are primarily engaged in steel product manufacturing from purchased steel to elect to claim the credit against their withholding tax liability. Source
  • Dunkin helped sponsor the Cable and Video Competition law of 2007 in the Public Utilities Act. The Public Utilities Act secures the health, welfare, and prosperity of all Illinois citizens. It’s the provision of adequate, efficient, reliable, environmentally safe and least-cost public utility services at prices which accurately reflect the long-term cost of such services and which are equitable to all citizens. Partnered with the Illinois Commerce Commision, citizens have easier access to companies like ComEd, Comcast, AT&T and more. Source
  • Dunkin was apart of the school construction program that was responsible for $3.1 billion dollars in state funds to provide renovations, new facilities, additions to older buildings. Source

Protecting Seniors

  • Ken Dunkin Sponsored, The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program helps eligible low-income households pay for home energy services. Source 
  • Kenneth Dunkin Introduced legislation that supports older adults who wish to stay in their homes by restructuring the delivery of services to include home-based services as well as institutional care. Source


  • Ken Dunkin provided a moratorium on school closings, consolidations, and phaseouts in the school district in the 2009-2010 school year, and provided that any of these actions that are subsequently appropriate shall be carried out no sooner than the end of the 2010-2011 school year. Source
  • Ken Dunkin amends the University of Illinois Act. and makes a technical change in a Section concerning the University’s president. Source
  • House Sponsor Kenneth Dunkin amends the Chicago School District Article of the School Code. Requires a chief executive officer and a general superintendent of schools to have a Master of Education degree and hold a current teaching certificate issued under the School Code. Source
  • Dunkin provided grants and other funds for Public Community College Act. Source
  • Dunkin amends the Illinois Promotion Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning grants to counties, municipalities, and local promotion groups like public museums to provide upgrades to their facilities. Source


  • Kenneth Dunkin Introduced legislation requiring that the Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history records database be searched, which had previously only required the Illinois criminal history records database to be searched. Source 
  • Ken Dunkin amends the Illinois African-American Family Commission Act. Updates the legislative findings regarding African-American statistics in the areas of education, employment, income, and health.  Source
  • Kenneth Dunkin introduced legislation whereas a person who has been convicted in another state of an offense similar to reckless homicide may not be granted driving privileges within 2 years of the date on which the person’s driving privileges were revoked or suspended or within 24 months of being released from a prison term for commission of the offense. Source 

Health & Environment

  • Introduced legislation which provides that the Department of Employment Security shall provide a list of free or low-cost health care options potentially available to applicants for unemployment insurance benefits. Source
  • Ken Dunkin established licensing requirements for the practice of colon hydrotherapy by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and provides that no person shall practice colon hydrotherapy for compensation without a license under the Act. Source